Grain Farmers Development Association

Farmer development projects


Maize and Sorghum Projects 

Farmers are assisted with grant funding for:

  • Soil correction.
  • Cost of crop insurance premiums.
  • Cost of mentorship.
  • Farmers need to raise the rest of the input cost from credit providers (Land Bank, Agribusinesses and other financial institutions).
  • Farmers are supported for period of 5 years.
  • Intention is to lower the risk of the farmer and improve profit margins for reinvestment purposes.

Oil and Protein Seed Development Trust Projects

The following projects will be monitored and co-ordinated by GFADA:

  • The Development and training of entry level soy farmers and consumers with further progression to soy-preneurs level.
  • Addressing food insecurity by supporting economic growth for emerging farmers.
  • Promoting household production and processing of soybean as major source of quality protein.
  • Mentoring of groundnut farmers.
  • The current farmers who plant soybean and sunflower as part of crop rotation with maize will be recommended to OPDT for possible consideration in respect of the 2017/2018 season.

Winter Cereal Projects 

Each applicant (emerging farmer) will be evaluated to determine the needs with special reference to:

  • Soil correction, crop insurance premiums, mentorship, production inputs and enterprise development.
  • Costs in respect of soil correction through the input of lime will only be paid once for the entire farm enterprise.
  • A portion of the costs of production inputs will be made as a once-off payment to the relevant agribusiness for each farmer involved in the programme.  The “investment” will be ring-fenced for a specific farmer and must be topped-up by the farmer concerned to the original amount from earnings of the crop obtained to ensure sustainability of the farming enterprise.