Grain Farmers Development Association


The Grain Farmer Development Association (GFADA) is an initiative that grew out of the Grain Value Chain Network. It was initially an informal - network of grain producers and agribusinesses in the extended value chain, that - met together since 2009 to create an opportunity for round table discussions on the agricultural sector in an era of transformation. During 2015, representatives of the Maize Trust, Sorghum Trust, Winter Cereal Trust and the Oil and Protein Seeds Development Trust discussed the transformation imperatives and experiences within their respective industries and resolved to work together to avoid duplication of effort and work towards the optimisation of the existing resources. It was recognized that to achieve the organization’s objectives, a more concerted effort was required to address the recruitment of donors, administer the applications and the funding of the various farmer development projects. This approach could ensure that the Trusts become important catalysts for transformation in the country.

Corporate identity

The symbolism lies in the shape and

colour intensity of the green lines. 

Green implies growth. The colour of the lines show a lighter shade on the left = low production and increasing to a darker shade of green = high production. Also the peak on the right shows growth and continuous improvement as the farmers are pulled up & away from the lower starting point. This implies personal growth from developing to a fully-fledged, upstanding, commercial producer in the grain and oilseeds industries.

Strategic framework


Successful, competitive, black grains and oils seeds commercial farmers


To coordinate, facilitate, monitor, evaluate, advise and support the 

commercialization of black grains and oilseeds farmers in South Africa.


  • Integrity

­   We always behave in an honest, fair, and ethical manner.

­   We uphold the highest standards and ethics.

­   We are consistent in intent through our words and actions.

  • Accountability

­   We accept responsibility for our individual and collective actions and decisions.

­   We commit to transparency and disclosure in accordance with good governance                   practices. 

Strategic goals

Develop and nurture strategic partnerships.

Facilitate Innovative financing solutions.

Coordinate, monitor and evaluate support programmes.

Ensure effective organisational capacity.   


Members and Board of Directors


Board of  Directors

The Maize Trust


Mr. Sandile Ndlungwane

Dr. Toto Hewu (Alt. Director)

Mr. Derek Mathews (Director)

Oil & Protein Seeds 

Development Trust


Mr. Gerhard Scholtemeijer (Vice-Chair)

Mr. Ramodisa Monaisa 

Mr. Gerhard Keun (Alt. Director)

Sorghum Trust


Mr. Anton Nebe

Mr. Happy Mohane

Mr. Willem Groothof (Alt. Director)   

Winter Cereal Trust


Mr. Neo Masithela (Chairperson)

Ms. Mmaphefo Mabe 

Mr. Victor Mongoato (Alt. Director)  

Our Provincial Footprint

1. Eastern Cape

2. Free State

3. Gauteng

4. Kwa-Zulu Natal

5. Mpumalanga

6. Northern Cape

7. Northwest             

8. Western Cape 

GFADA Personnel

Mr MI Tshiame - General Manager

Mr MI Tshiame - General Manager

Ms ML Mafoko - Accountant

Ms ML Mafoko - Accountant

Ms SN Mvuyana - Office Administrator/PA

Ms SN Mvuyana - Office Administrator/PA

Mr MS Seokoma - Project Manager

Mr MS Seokoma - Project Manager

Mr S Gxalatane - Ast. Project Manager

Mr S Gxalatane - Ast. Project Manager